July 14, 2017


Insurance Strategies

A Plan Tailor Made for You

Life insurance has often been referred to as a “necessary evil,” when, in fact, it is nothing more than a tool that can be used to add security to your financial arena. Have you heard these lines? “Buy term and invest the rest,” “Buy whole life for your whole life,” or “College and retirement planning with life insurance.” None of these are wrong or right 100% of the time.

There are three things that you should first establish before deciding what kind of insurance to purchase:

1) What is the need, or why are you considering buying insurance?

2) What amount is needed?

3) How will this affect the rest of my financial life?

These and other questions can be answered by performing a Capital Needs Analysis. Your Financial Solutions Group, LLC registered financial professional will ask you a series of questions to determine your goals and needs. From this information, your RFC will be able to help you decide what type and amount of insurance will best meet your needs.

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